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TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet 50 M Available in all sizes

TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet 50 M Available in all sizes

Regular price $ 22.95

TroutHunter Fluorocarbon 
Tippet 50 Meter Spool
  • Superb knot strength and abrasion resistance.

  • Nearly invisible due to low refractive index.

  • 50 meter spools afford anglers superior material at a low per meter price.

  • Proprietary misty gray poly-carbonate large arbor spool. Designed for low material memory and easy handling in a stack-able, compact, durable design.

  • Premium rubber, water repellent tippet tender. Unique colors for each diameter.

  • Whether nylon or fluorocarbon, TroutHunter tippet material offers unsurpassed strength and reliability. Our leaders afford the angler unprecedented levels of turnover and control.

    Many features in our tippet and packaging system are unique and specific to the innovation of TroutHunter.

    • U.V. Protective packaging

    • Waterproof packaging

    • 50 meter spools

    • Half sizes – yep, that’s right!

    • Designed by fisherman

Breaking strength is for knotted line. Trouthunter feels this is a more accurate measurement while fishing. 

  • 3x  5.67lb/2.57kg 

  • 4x  4.81lb/2.18kg 

  • 4.5X  4.06lb/1.84kg

  • 5x  3.24lb/1.47kg

  • 5.5X  2.76lb/1.25kg

  • 6x  2.31lb/1.05kg

  • 6.5x  1.81lb/0.82kg