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Smith Creek Net Holster
Fly Fishing Net Holder Smith Creek

Smith Creek Fly Fishing Net Holster Belt Mounted New Zealand Made Black or Green

Regular price $ 38.95

Smith Creek Net Holster Belt Mounted Landing Net Holder 

 New Zealand Made Guide Tested 

The smart way to carry your net
Finally a way to carry your landing net without it getting in the way

No more fumbling with a clip behind your back
Quick to draw. Easy to holster.

Keeps your net secure and out of the way
No more getting tangled in trees, trailing in the current,
or flipping in your face when you bend over.

Adjustable strap
Fits all landing nets - big or small, wood or metal.

Crafted in New Zealand using the finest materials
Handmade to last a lifetime

Guide tested
And still using them ... they wouldn't give them back!